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  • RSS Qur’an Ayat of the Day!

    • Al-Quran- Sura No(12), Ayat(24) August 27, 2015
      She verily desired him, and he would have desired her if it had not been that he saw the argument of his Lord. Thus it was, that We might ward off from him evil and lewdness. Lo! he was of Our chosen slaves.
  • RSS Hadith of the Day!

    • Narrater: (Abu Musa) Hadidth No: (519) August 27, 2015
      The Prophet said, ''An honest Muslim store-keeper who carries out the orders of his master and pays fully what he has been ordered to give with a good heart and pays to that person to whom he was ordered to pay, is regarded as one of the two charitable persons.''
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