ICTV invites you and your family for Eid Al-Adha prayer

Eid_posterSee your email for additional information. If you have any questions, please contact us directly at assistant_admin@icotv.org.

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    • Al-Quran- Sura No(9), Ayat(75) October 19, 2014
      And of them is he who made a covenant with Allah saying: If He give us of His bounty we will give alms and become of the righteous. […]
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    • Narrater: (Aisha) Hadidth No: (166) October 19, 2014
      In the lifetime of the Prophet the sun eclipsed and the Prophet (p.b.u.h) stood up to offer the prayer with the people and recited a long recitation, then he performed a prolonged bowing, and then lifted his head and recited a prolonged recitation which was shorter than the first. Then he performed a prolonged bowing which was shorter than the first and then […]
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