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  • RSS Qur’an Ayat of the Day!

    • Al-Quran- Sura No(10), Ayat(83) March 5, 2015
      But none believed in Moses, save some scions of his people, and they were in fear of Pharaoh and their chiefs, that he would persecute them. Lo! Pharaoh was verily a tyrant in the land, and lo! he verily was of the wanton. […]
  • RSS Hadith of the Day!

    • Narrater: (Aisha) Hadidth No: (300) March 5, 2015
      I used to stretch my legs towards the Qibla of the Prophet while he was praying; whenever he prostrated he touched me, and I would withdraw my legs, and whenever he stood up, I would restretch my legs. […]
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