Community Gathering

Dear Families of ICTV,
The Islamic Center of Temecula Valley would like to gather our community and its youth and families for a Community Gathering.
This gathering is intended to unite our community and have the chance to meet with our youth and listen to their concerns. The Imam will give a brief talk and followed by Q&A.
We feel at this time that our youth needs and deserves attention and we need to give them any guidance to make them successful in their journey in this life.
Event details:
Place: ICTV, 27715 Jefferson Ave Suite 105 Temecula, CA 92590
Day and date: Friday Jan. 27th
Time: 5:30pm-7:30pm.
Please bring your favorite dish to share, plan to attend and bring your families.
All are invited,
Jazak Allah Khair
ICTV Board

6 thoughts on “Community Gathering

  1. Dear neighbors,
    As a Christian, I am alarmed at the recent actions of the president. I have written my representative to express my dismay and urge Congress to act. Please know that there are people in this community who take seriously the commandment to love our neighbor as ourselves.

  2. Alike to D. Schmidt, I am a non-Muslim who feels very deeply dismayed by the racist rhetoric and religiously biased actions of the individual recently elected President of this country. I can’t stop reading the dreadful news and, like many, I feel the need to do something–anything–to counter the hate that seems to be spreading like a disease in this current political clime.

    More than ever, I feel fearful of any anti-Muslim sentiment manifesting in our own lovely town of Temecula. I hope that others who are not of your same Faith but eternally supportive of and grateful for the beauty of diversity and inclusiveness will form a stronger community in wake of this disturbing political ban on immigrants from Muslim countries.

    That said, I am glad your site provides a page for visitors to donate to the building of your new mosque. I would also love to visit your current place of worship when non-practicing/non-Muslim members of the community are most welcome so I might learn more about the fascinating and beautiful Islamic Faith.

    Thanks in advance for directing me to a visitor’s guide and/or any other guidelines for your interfaith or non-faith neighbors.

  3. I too want to reach out in solidarity with my Muslim brothers and sisters in the Temecula Valley. I am a non-Muslim aghast at the new Trump administration. This country is founded on freedom of religion and built by immigrants. I wish I could do something to show my support for you. I’ve thought about coming to the Mosque just to say hello. If you have an opportunity for non-Muslims to come visit and learn about your faith, I would be honored.

  4. Dear Neighbor, Thank you so much for your sympathy and support. It is sincerely appreciated. We share your sentiments of loving our neighbors as ourselves, and we work with the the interfaith group to establish bonds of friendship and love with all our neighbors.

  5. I am so heartened to see the kind words of support and love expressed here today from other people in our community. I came here to do the same. That is exactly what makes our country so great! If the days get dark ahead, and they very well could with the current leadership, know that there are many in this community that will stand with you to protect your freedom to worship and live in peace and harmony with all of us. I, too, would be interested in visiting your place of worship to learn and understand more about Islam should you ever do a community outreach. Have a peace-filled day.

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